Why Logic?

Modern logic is the foundational discipline of the information sciences. It includes not only the science of reasoning but also computability theory, type theory and other tools for understanding processes, declarative programming, automatic proof generation, program verification and much more. It spreads into planning, into program synthesis, into circuit design and into discourse analysis. It underpins the entire science of artificial intelligence.
Part mathematics, part philosophy and these days part computing science, logic remains a core intellectual study and is increasingly relevant to practical concerns.

Is It For You?

There are no formal prerequisites in attending the Summer School. However, participants are expected to be familiar with the concepts and notation of propositional and first order logic. They will normally have completed at least an introductory logic course at tertiary level and have some background in related disciplines such as pure mathematics, analytical philosophy or computation theory. Anyone in doubt as to whether they have sufficient background knowledge should contact the Convenor at: alwen.tiu@anu.edu.au