Summer School Scholarships are provided to selected participants in the Summer Schools in Logic and Learning.  A scholarship covers the cost of return travel between the recipient's home and Canberra by reasonable means of transport (normally bus for those living in South-East Australia, economy class advance purchase student concession airfares for those in the North or West of Australia or in New Zealand).  It also covers the Summer Schools registration fee and provides accommodation in student rooms at Ursula Hall on campus and all meals.  All these arrangements will be organised by the Summer Schools organisers.  We regret that we are unable to fund the cost of travel from outside Australia and New Zealand.

Selection Criteria


  • Bona fide student in tertiary education.
  • Academic merit.
  • Intention to carry out research in logic, machine learning or AI at an Australian university in 2009 or 2010, at some level from Honours up.
  • Preference will be given to students who have not yet commenced PhD study or equivalent.
  • Not a previous recipient of a Summer School Scholarship.
  • Background in logic, machine learning, AI or related disciplines.
  • At least three years of tertiary education including 2008.

How to apply for a scholarship

Write to the convenor (Logic courses or Machine Learning and AI courses) briefly describing your academic background, academic interests and plans for future study.  Include the names and addresses of two referees.  Clearly give your name, your address to which correspondence should be sent and an address where you can be reached during semester break if needed.  If possible include phone numbers and email address.  Your letter of application may be sent by ordinary mail, fax or email.  In addition to the letter, send a transcript or photocopy of your academic record, and proof of full-time student status.  This may be sent by ordinary mail or fax.  Please ask your referees to write directly to the convenor.  References may be sent by email or on paper to our contact address.

Check List:

Please make sure you have submitted the following information when applying for a Summer Schools scholarship.

Your application will not be considered if you have omitted any of the following:

Closing date for scholarship applications, 21 November 2008.